Frequently Asked Questions for Loxahatchee Everglades Airboat Tours:

Q: Is booking risky for my information, and what do you do with my payment information?
A: We use multiple layers of the latest updated bank-level encryption technology and website programming to secure your booking payment information. We do not save your payment information. We manage professional-level security software to transmit your information directly to the bank only for the payment processing. Our website is optimized to be secure and readable on a Smart Phone, Tablet, PC or Mac. Please feel confident that your information and security is a high priority to us and we take this responsibility seriously. If you have any doubts or concerns, please call us at 561-901-0661 or 561-926-0976 to book your trip by speaking to a customer service representative.

Q: What is the Refund policy if I need to cancel, am late to my tour, or simply do not show up?
A: If you need to cancel your tour time, your Refund is guaranteed if you call and contact us up to 48 hours before your tour time. You may also choose to reschedule your tour time instead of cancelling. If you arrive late the same day as your tour, you will be given the option to ride the next available tour that day, but no Refund is guaranteed. If you are running Late, please call us as soon as you can so we can work with you to make your day enjoyable – we want you to be happy and have a fun day at Lox Tours. Customers who do not show up for their tour time and do not call us by 48 hours before their tour may not be eligible for a Refund. All bad weather or other business conditions preventing tours are guaranteed to be Refunded, if desired (other options available). See our Terms and Conditions for more info. This policy is to ensure all our customers are boarded safely and on-time to maximize their enjoyment of their tour.

Q: How can I check on the weather conditions the day of my tour?
A: You may check our website weather, or call us directly at 561-901-0661 or 561-926-0976 to get current weather and possible cancellation updates on the day of your tour.

Q. What time do the tours start?
A. We open at 9:30am, the first boat departs at 10:00am, and the last boat departs by 2:30 pm (weather-dependent and seasonal). This info may change without notice.

Q. Do you have any discounts or Groupons?
A. By booking online you are receiving a 25% discount. Prices include all tax.

Q. How many people on each boat?
A. The boats are various sizes and hold between 8 to 16 adults (if there are children, sometimes more people will fit on the boats).

Q. Do you have an alligator show or animals to hold?
A. We are an eco-tourism business, and therefore we do not cage, pen, or feed any wildlife, which often leads to cruel conditions for the animals, or in the case of feeding, very dangerous conditions for visitors (which is why feeding wildlife like alligators is illegal, Statute 372.667). We respect the environment and the creatures that live here, and you can SAFELY enjoy them in their natural habitat!

Q. What happens if the weather is bad?
A. If for any reason we are unable to conduct our tours, we will contact you by using the booking contact information you’ve provided. We will ether reschedule you or give a full refund if you are unable to come back.

Q. What do you see out there?
A. You may see American alligators, various birds, turtles, native and exotic plant species, fish and sometimes frogs and snakes. We view animals in THEIR environment and according to their schedules. Weather, such as temperature, plays a big factor in wildlife viewing opportunities.

Q. Why do we need to be here 45 minutes before our tour?
A. Sometimes it may take longer to get to us than you think. There are things like traffic delays, construction, and even just the time of year that can slow traffic down. We need to stay running on our tour schedule; if one person is late, it can make every tour late for the rest of the day. We want happy tour customers, so please be sure to give yourself and your family or friends coming with you extra time to reach us, check-in, and get on the boat!

Q. What if I don’t have a printer available for my receipt?
A. You can pull it up for us on your smart device or, if you tell us your last name, we can look you up that way.

Q. What if we need to cancel or one person can’t make the tour?
A. Please call us at 561-901-0661 and we will do our best to reschedule you or Refund you.

Thank you for creating memories with us!
“Wild Lyle”