Wild Lyle’s Private Tours

Take an unforgettable Private Airboat Journey into the heart of the Everglades.

Private 90 Minute Everglades Airboat Tour by Loxahatchee Everglades Tours


“Wild Lyle’s” Private 90 Minute Tour is an unforgettable journey into the places most will never see. Our most experienced guides take you and your select guests to alligator nests, the wading bird colonies, and the places where wildlife are feeding, defending territory and making a home for themselves. You will see this environment in its most native form, a true picture of a time long ago. Unlike most any other tour you can find, this tour will immerse you in the wide open landscapes of the Everglades.  You will understand why this is called the “River of Grass”, and how this untamed land continues to thrive today.

During the narrated tour, Wild Lyle or another well-experienced guide will enchant you with 11039017_1000092260062820_2289198332647316498_nthe stories of the land and water. Everglades history is rich, long and captivating – from native peoples living with the land, to the wild creatures unlike anything on the rest of this continent, to the ensuing development and beating back of the waters to make way for the new century.  This history has a real impact on the marshes; you can see it in the canals, the sloughs of wide open waters, and the mix of grasses which show the good and bad of human history, and Earths changes, on the land.

Our guides have a wealth of knowledge, and experience – they have conducted rescues of crashed aircraft, assisted in ecosystem-saving research, and saved the lives of hapless explorers who found more trouble thaPicture1n they could overcome. Come meet our tour guides and experience a place that will give you and your family a story to tell for ages. The 90 Minute Private Everglades Tour is the one-of-a-kind Everglades experience for travelers who expect the highest adventure, and Wild Lyle will give that to you, and only you, on this tour.

Private Tours cannot be booked online.

Please call Lyle directly to book your tour: 561-901-0661 or email letsairboat@aol.com.